Ranking the Most Overhyped Fighters in Boxing Today

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Ranking the Most Overhyped Fighters in Boxing Today
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Hype comes with the territory.

With six months or longer between fights for the biggest names in the sport, there is a lot of time—too much really—to talk and promote. With football there's one week in between games, less in basketball and often no off days in baseball, so the dynamics of how the sport is promoted is very different.

The NFL is at a point where it can just turn on the cameras and instantly have a gigantic audience. In boxing, promoters have to sell the fight—especially a pay-per-view—and hype is their best sales pitch.

Selling a fight is different than selling a game. In a fight there needs to be genuine animosity to build up the tension and drama for a match. The ability to sell that aspect is partly what has made Floyd Mayweather Jr. such a great money-making machine.

Hardcore boxing fans will tune in just to see a good match, but the hype attempts to bring in the casual audience that will pass up a fight unless something catches their eyes and ears.

Hype doesn't always work, as there's only so many times you can hear a boxer guarantee a knockout before it becomes white noise. There's a thin line between promoting a fight and overhyping it or the fighters involved. The backlash for the latter is often swift and harsh.

One fighter whom you won't see on this list—he just missed—is the one in the photo above. Kell Brook is overrated in my view, but he doesn't quite fit all of the qualifications for this list.

Brook is a talented fighter, but his list of opponents has been rather soft up until his upcoming fight with 147-pound champion Shawn Porter. Despite his inflated record, he falls under the category of overrated more than overhyped if I can draw a line between the two.

What I mean is that in America—yes, I'm looking at it from that point of view because that's where I am—no one outside of the hardcore fans knows who he is. If a fighter is unknown, how can he be overhyped?

Can't have one without the other.

The following fighters all share one thing in common: Their status doesn't match their accomplishments, which is the very definition of being overhyped and/or overrated.

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