S.M.'s Camping World Update, Issue 45

Horn FanSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2009

JB Update

Johnny Benson has a grade-four shoulder separation that will need to be surgically repaired, but due to a bruise on his lung he'll have to wait another 10 days before having surgery.

It's his shoulder that hurts the worst, so he's glad that there is a surgical procedure to fix it, and was worried about how well it would heal correctly if left alone without having surgery.

The burn on his elbow is still healing, and his wife Debbie cleans, treats, and bandages it daily.

He also can't drive yet, but goes on daily outings and on errands.



Jason White, who drives the No. 23 GunBroker.com Dodge, has cashed in his ride in the Camping World Truck Series, and has entered the World Series of Poker.

He's the first NASCAR driver to participate in the 13 day event which began July 3, in Las Vegas.

Last year's winner beat out 6,844 entries, took home a gold bracelet, and won $9 million dollars. 


News and Notes

The Survival of the Truck Series

I'm not going to panic or jump the gun over the rumors of late that the Camping World Truck Series won't be back next yea,r or they have cut back the schedule.

I'm just going to wait and see what happens. I seriously doubt we'll see any major changes( other than more necessary changes) with the lagging economy.

We already knew changes were coming since it was revealed that the trucks would start racing at Darlington again.

In addition news came of the Milwaukee Mile closing because its promoter is unable to pay fees to NASCAR for the two races held on June 20th, and it's doubtful we will see racing there in 2010.

At Memphis, NASCAR VP Steve O'Donnell said in an interview with SpeedTv that the series would race in 2010, that several long-term contracts are in place, and that the state of the series is really strong.

The thing to remember is NASCAR can't lose the Camping World Truck Series. If they do, it just puts both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series in jeopardy of being also lost.

It all comes back to what I said on just about every economic article posted on B/R.

NASCAR needs to re-invest into itself, put money into the trucks with it's small purses, and they need to do it today, not tomorrow. The purse breaks down one-third of what is awarded for Cup races.

Camping World

Camping World, the title sponsor for the Truck Series, has reiterated that they are happy in that role, and happy with how the first year has gone.

"We definitely are happy with it," said Camping World's Kurt Hunt.

"The vital signs are good there. The TV numbers, at a time when the numbers [of other series] aren't as strong as people would like them to be, we are strong there. The Truck count is strong, and we're seeing first-time winners."

Two misleading things with Camping World. First, is that they don't have the presence that Craftsman had at the races as title sponsor.

"You activate through what's going to really drive your business," said Hunt.

"I don't think you activate based on other people's expectations of how you go about it."

Second, too many people don't think it's the perfect fit, sponsor wise, and many seem to wish them to fail in the title sponsor role, but I totally disagree with this notion.

They got into NASCAR sponsoring Kevin Harvick Inc in mid 2007, stuck the combination of Camping World and rvs.com on the No. 33 truck driven by Ron Hornaday Jr, and at the time a sponsor-less truck.

Not only did they win the Championship for trucks as a sponsor, they liked the return, then added sponsorships in NASCAR two other Series with several teams and race sponsorships in all three series, took on the title sponsorship of the East/West Series in 2008, and didn't blink at become the title sponsor for the Truck Series.

They are a vital sponsor in NASCAR, and they have done a lot in the short period of time, and lets face it they earned our respect. So those in the media show it to them.

Stop every time they sell off their allotted races on Horn's No. 33 truck or bring in a potential sponsor to take over the East/West Series, report that they are leaving the sport.

They seem to use media a lot, especially with SpeedTV, and have formed a partnership with the network.

During races, they showcase new innovative gadgets for RVer's with Ray Dunlap, they advertise more than Craftsman ever did on the network, and they also use both Siruis and ESPN Radio.

While they have yet to do a detailed return on it's investment as title sponsor for the Truck Series.

"It's early to do an accounting. It's everything we thought it would be...It takes some time to grow into it  and understand what it is your role should be."

We all need to remember, anyone coming in after Craftsman is going to have big shoes to fill and replacing those shiny red toolboxes that became a fixture in victory lane is tough deal.

Camping World is still relatively new to NASCAR, they are still learning and we've already seen them become a vital piece to one of the three Elite Series in NASCAR.

Have a little faith in them, it's tough right now with the economy, but they'll be around for the long haul.

The next race you go to look at all the RVer's at the Track for the races, each one of them is a potential customer for them, and it's also the reason for them being involved in NASCAR.

It's win-win all the way around. Keep your eyes piled for a new sweepstakes they are doing later over late Summer/early Fall.

It's going to be a sweet deal for the Truck Series fans if you're lucky and win it.

(Let me just mention after the first two sections in news and notes. I just felt inspired by Kara's "I Believe" article. I just believe the Trucks will be racing in 2010, and Camping World isn't going anywhere.)

Voting Opens

Fan voting has opened for the NCWTS Most Popular Driver award. It last's till Oct. 31st so happy voting. I'm voting daily for Horn, Brian, JB, and Crawford.

This year they have add a new option for fans to write in your favorite driver, if he/she is not among the nominees depending on the series.

With trucks you need to since Gabi DiCarlo isn't on the list, so you'll have to go to fanfeedback@nascar.com and submit your write in vote.


2009 Raybestos Rookie of the Year Standings

1.) Tayler Malsam                       120

2.) Johnny Sauter                       119

3.) James Buescher                     102

4.) Ricky Carmichael                     70

5.) J.R. Fitzpatrick                        60

6.) Brian Ickler                             59

7.) Brent Raymer                          41

8.) Chris Jones                             32

9.) Chase Austin                           16


Upcoming Races

July 18: Built Ford Tough 225 at Kentucky Speedway at 6:30PM the Set-Up Show, and 7:00PM Race Time (Saturday).

July 24: NASCAR Camping World 200 at O'Reilly Raceway Park on Speed at 7:30PM the Set-Up Show and 8:00PM Race Time (Friday).

August 1: Toyotas Tundra 200 at Nashville Superspeedway on Speed at 7:30PM the Set-Up Show and 8:00PM Race Time (Saturday).


2009 Manufacturers Championship Standings

Toyota                             84

Chevrolet                          76

Ford                                 48

Dodge                               34


2009 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Points Standings

1.) Ron Hornaday Jr.                        1,713

2.) Matt Crafton                                -76

3.) Mike Skinner                               -134

4.) Todd Bodine                               -149

5.) David Starr                                -231

6.) Brian Scott                                -245

7.) Tayler Malsam                            -295

8.) Terry Cook                                -298

9.) Rick Crawford                            -316

10.) Colin Braun                              -332


Editors note: Next week, the full version of the update will be back.

Sources: quotes from Camping World come from scenedaily.com, then jayski.com, nascar.com, truckseries.com and catchfence.com.

Photo Credit: sports.yahoo.com


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