Hulk Hogan: Everything Wrestling Wanted and Needed

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2009

Hulk Hogan is the greatest of all time. Period.

Hulk Hogan to me is what made wrestling what it is today, he revolutionized the wrestling world.

Some would say Flair, HBK, Hart, or Austin are the greatest but when you think about being the greatest of all-time you have to bring in the biggest factor, who had the biggest impact on the wrestling world and that was Hulk Hogan.

Hogan today has been hated by many fans in the wrestling world and for what, he has done nothing but put his body on the line for the people of the wrestling world.

Hulk Hogan is everything we truly wanted wrestling to be. If it wasn't for Hogan, I am damn sure there wouldn't be half the locker room in WWE, TNA, ROH or any other company in the wrestling business.

In Madison Square Garden, on January 23, 1984, Hulk-A-Mania was born as you can hear the crowd cheering as Gorilla Monsoon said "Hulk-A-Mania is here," it gives me goosebumps when I first heard that because you knew you witness something great.

"Train, say your prayers and take your vitamins" is something Hogan would say all the time along with believing in oneself and the crazy thing is that is what we did as fans. We the fans lived through Hulk Hogan, we wanted to be him.

Hogan was our American Hero, he was everything the fans wanted and some say the world wanted a figure in wrestling that made everything good in the world.

"Real American" played and the crowd and the kids watching at home would go crazy, the roof was blowing on off its hinges when Hulk Hogan came out. He would rip the t-shirt and feed off the crowd as we feed off of Hogan.

Hogan would rip off the shirt and the crowd would go insane as the kids like me would want to rip off my shirts like that but my mom would punish me if I did.

Hogan would beat everyone, he was the superman of wrestling, he beat Orton, Piper, Bundy, Andre, Orndoff, Muraco, Hercules, and Funk in the process of four years of beating everyone in the WWE.

WrestleMania after WrestleMania you would see Hogan walk in Champion and walk out Champion even when you thought against all odds he couldn't.

Hogan held the title for four years and 13 days (1,474 days). He would still be the top guy even though he didn't have the title. Hogan is in third for the longest reign behind Backlund and Sammartino.

Hogan would beat Savage and win his second title and would go on to hold the title for about a year even feuding with one of the best in the business, Earthquake.

Hogan was getting a little older with the times and would lose the title at WrestleMania against Warrior in one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

Hogan still held the standard that no one still hasn't cross to this day. Hogan was a champion again to more times beating Slaughter and Yokozuna at WrestleMania.

Hogan left the WWE and went to WCW but things didn't change until he turned heel and became the leader of the New World Order (nWo). Hogan had turned heel but to some was cheered by the loyal fans.

Hogan would win a total of six WCW World Championships and would turn to the old faithful yellow and red. Hogan was getting older but the fans still cheered night in and out for him.

Hogan and Vince Russo had a bad fall out that would really ruin WCW and Hulk would leave WCW.

Hogan to me at the end of WCW was mistreated by Vince Russo who basically ruined WCW. Hogan to me at the time was still the man like I think he is today.

Hulk Hogan for the first time since 1993 returned to the WWE and what a way to come back as he would return with the NWO but at WrestleMania X8 we should that we believed in Hogan as like me the crowd went crazy for Hogan and Hogan at the end of the match really won over the crowd.

Hogan the next night would get nearly a 10-minute ovation and we all knew that after nearly 20 years after Hulk Rules we knew Hulk Still Rules. Hogan would become the Undisputed Champion and would get a little run but losing against the Undertaker.

Hulk Hogan has been part of this company to this day but I still think that us the fans want but what admit it. Hogan has been apart of wrestling and always will be apart of wrestling and if you don't like him then you must not like wrestling.

Hogan is the Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth of wrestling because they all revolutionized the sport or business they where in. Hogan is a one and only person and no one and I mean no one will get close to what Hulk Hogan was and is.

The negative about him today is something I ignore because it's something that will not tarnish what he did in the wrestling business. Hogan to me is one of a kind and I am thankful to be around when Hulk Hogan was around because he is someone that you can replicate or anything like that.

Hogan is the man that made wrestling what it is today. Period.

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