Shaquille O'Neal Auditions for NBA 2K15 Soundtrack by Freestyling for Pharrell

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 25, 2014


Twenty years after the sonic stylings of Shaq Diesel shook the nation, Shaquille O'Neal continues to kick the truth in his rhymes.

O'Neal recently dropped another Dylan-esque verse in what appears to be an impromptu audition for the soundtrack of NBA 2K15.

The former NBA big man offered up a few lines about his platinum record rapping skills (such were the things we allowed to happen in the '90s) and asked Pharrell—curator of the 2K15 soundtrack—to throw one of his tracks on the game.

Extra Mustard's Ben Sin writes that the franchise has slowly built up its musical ensemble over the past few years, starting with scrubs and rising to top-shelf (or at least "Top 40") talent. Sin believes with Pharrell's help, this year's edition will feature the rangiest collection of big name artists to date:

I remember the 2K series starting on the Dreamcast with completely unknown musicians on its soundtrack, before slowly getting actual rappers that were of the B-list variety (Ace Hood in NBA 2K10, Lupe Fiasco way back in 2K7). ...

... For 2K15, the game has enlisted Pharrell's help, and seeing as how the producer/singer/rapper/songwriter has worked with, almost literally, every big name in the U.S. music industry, the 2K15 soundtrack is likely going to be the most star-studded yet.

Which brings us to an important philosophical crossroads: Is the world ready for Shaq to rap for an NBA video game?

He is one of the best athlete rappers, which says more about the other sports figures venturing into hip-hop than it does O'Neal's skills.

I'm all for it. Let Shaq be Shaq. Allow the man to lay down a track, but add a caveat: He has to clown on the rest of the biggest names in the game. Make it an unlockable bonus song—or better yet, a music video.

I want to see Shaq serve fish to Kobe Bryant and say, "Kobe, tell me how my bass tastes." That's entertainment.


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