Johnny Manziel Throws Ball Through Moving Car Window for Nissan Commercial

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 25, 2014


At long last, the cheesy Johnny Manziel commercial you’ve been waiting for is here.

The Cleveland Browns rookie filmed the first of what we can hope is an assembly line of corny local television ads this summer, appearing in a spot for a Cleveland Nissan dealership.

TMZ brings us raw video of the ad being filmed—specifically the part where Manziel chucked a football through the open window of a moving Altima.

TMZ says that Johnny zipped the ball in on the first take and smoked the driver in the face while doing so.

via TMZ

I don’t know if I believe the first-take part, but judging by the view from the in-car camera, he definitely hit the driver square in the mouth.

Here’s the commercial’s finished product, which takes place at a sunnier, less than Cleveland-y locale, thanks to the magic of television.

TMZ’s sources say Manziel conducted himself nicely on the set and performed his duties amicably.

That’s good news for corporate America, which will have the young star hawking Red Bull and Kitten Mittens before long.


And who could begrudge him for making some money?

You strike while the iron is smoking in this business, and right now the businesses of Cleveland want Johnny Football and a large side of LeBron James in their ads.

Take the money and run, Johnny.


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