Carlos Gomez Videobombs Mark Reynolds in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Costume

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 25, 2014

MLB Network

Carlos Gomez is getting some decent bang for his buck on the recent purchase of one adult-XL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.

Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Andrew Gruman reports that the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder bought the costume to surprise his four-year-old son Yandel.

Fortunately, Go-Go decided to break out his Leonardo gear a bit early and disrupt infielder Mark Reynolds’ Thursday appearance on Intentional Talk.

Hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar attempted to guess at the character behind the goofy green head, and with some help from Reynolds, they eventually pulled out the winning name.

At this point, Gomez proceeded to take off the headpiece and traumatize every kid who ever dared to believe in the magic of pizza-eating turtles.

The best part of the broadcast was the Ninja Turtles infographics the MLB Network had ready to roll.


It’s good to see producers on top of their Ninja Turtles facts and history. Anything less would’ve been sloppy and disappointing.

Gruman reports that Gomez planned to head home wearing the costume and surprise his son.

“That cartoon is my son’s favorite," Gomez told Gruman. “He’s crazy about it. I ordered [the costume] and I will go home tonight dressed like a Ninja Turtle. I ordered it online like 20 days ago. That thing came from China.”

Unfortunately, Gomez’s plot appears to have caught a snag. The outfielder said his wife showed Yandel a picture of him wearing the costume, and his son said he’d prefer to meet Donatello, the purple-masked Ninja turtle.

“He’ll have to wait another 20 days,” Gomez said.


Apparently a dad-of-the-year-type move of wearing the costume of your kid’s heroes doesn’t cut it these days. Sit tight, Yandel. Donatello is on his way, but he has to take the slow boat from Shanghai.


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