MiLB GM Gets Prostate Exam While Leading Crowd in 'Take Me out to the Ballgame'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 25, 2014


The human body is a complex system of moving parts and mechanisms.

This equipment must be maintained, and occasionally that means dropping trou and letting another human being poke around under the hood.

These tuneups are done in the privacy of a doctor’s office. Unlike car work, you don’t set up shop in public and tell the doctor to dive in—unless you’re Andy Milovich, in which case you broadcast the procedure to an entire stadium of people.

Milovich, the general manager of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (the Texas Rangers’ Single-A affiliate), made good on a promise and sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” while undergoing a prostate exam during the seventh-inning stretch Thursday night.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell (h/t Deadspin’s Sean Newell) reports that the 45-year-old general manager promised to have the procedure broadcast on the stadium Jumbotron for Prostate Awareness Night if 10-year-old Fallon Emery’s Facebook page received 4,000 likes. Emery, a local boy from Myrtle Beach, is living with brain cancer.

The likes accrued, and Milovich followed through. It must be said that he performed admirably considering the circumstances. One can only imagine the difficulties of carrying a tune while having your prostate inspected like fruit at a farmers market.

Milovich, a first-time prostate examinee, said the experience went well.

“It wasn’t bad,” Milovich told Rovell. “The doc was done maybe 15 seconds in to the song. I think my next exam is going to be a significant letdown.”

The procedure, performed by Dr. Glenn Dangi, took place in the Pelicans' radio booth. Dangi said he’s never checked a patient’s oil in a venue quite like the Pelicans' stadium before.

“I did exams in prisons for three years and New York City for 17 years, and this was a first,” Dangi said.

Milovich mentioned the stunt inspired one of his buddies to get his first prostate exam.

“I had a college friend tell me that what I did inspired him to get his exam, so hopefully this saves some lives,” Milovich said.

Prostate cancer is a very real and avoidable disease. The procedure to check for it isn’t a snow cone, but it’s fast and conclusive.

Hats off to Mr. Milovich. Of all the sundry publicity grabs put on by minor league baseball teams, this one splits a strong balance between meaningful and ridiculous.

Walk it off, sir. You’ve done good.


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