Roy Halladay Trade Rumors

David O'Brien@DavidObrien19xCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 6: Roy Halladay #32 of the Toronto Blue Jays delivers a pitch against the Boston Red Sox during their MLB game at the Rogers Centre April 6, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

The Blue Jay's GM  J. P. Ricciardi has recently said that he is willing to trade Roy Halladay

The Jays aren't going to give up their long time ACE so easily.

They are looking for some big prospects to help improve the team.

Some of the teams mentioned that are intereseted im Halladay are the Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies, Mets, Brewers, Dodgers, Angels and Red Sox.

Although The Sox and Yankees are probably out of the question since the Jays may not want to trade him to a team in their division.

At 4th place in the AL East the Blue Jays have been inconsistent this season.

It is no question that Halladay is interested in getting out of Toronto.

Halladay said he wants to go to a team that can actually win a world series and Toronto has not been a huge world series contender since the 90's.

With only 23 more days until the trade deadline only time will tell if the Jays decide to trade Halladay who has been the face of the franchise for years now.