Cheese Chester Placed on DL After Breaking Foot During Pierogi Race

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 24, 2014


Pierogi racing is not for the weak of mind or sinew.

Like Tokyo drifting or high-stakes wiener dog racing, it’s a fast and unregulated affair for those with stout dumplings and a flair for danger.

Accidents occur, and when they do, it’s an unleavened mess at best.

The MLB Fan Cave brings news of the most recent pierogi wreck, which involved Cheese Chester going down in a rough tumble at PNC Park on Wednesday night.

Chester, a cheddar-filled fan favorite known for his quick acceleration off the line, broke away from the pack during the Pittsburgh Pirates' 6-1 stomping of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ever the showman, Chester turned to taunt his seemingly vanquished opponents and tripped over his own feet.

Medical personnel quickly arrived on the scene and began working diligently with their stethoscopes. They carted Chester away from the field, and he is reported to have a broken foot.

Chester's timeline for return remains up in the air, but the Pirates are estimating six to eight weeks for the dumpling.

CBS Sports' Jesse Irwin reports that Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle is optimistic concerning Chester's recovery.

The loss comes as a big blow to the pierogi racing community, and the Pirates claim they'll be making do with Potato Pete in Chester's absence. While tragic, a broken foot is just another day in the fast times of a racing dumpling.

As another famous Chester once said, "It ain't easy being cheesy."


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