Why I Hate The WWE- A Must Read WOAHHHH YNWAAA

Styles ClashContributor IJuly 8, 2009

The WWE has been a shadow of its former self. It has gone from the great attitude era to the now everly boring BABY era.

The Diva Division is a mockery to all women as half of divas can't wrestle. Divas who can't wrestle are former models, singers, dancers, actresses like Maria. All you get from this division is poorly choreographed moves that resemble the attackes of a 6 year old angry mental fat arse kid who lost his cake. The Divas are considred novice when compared the elite division in TNA that is THE KNOCKOUT DIVISION which contains the likes of KONG, LOVE, MELISSA and of course my beloved girlfriend SARITA. In contrast, the WWE has well...... i should i phrase this......... A BUNCH OF UGLY WANNABE WRESTLER. 

The WWE has angered many of its idiotic young fans. Much like human beings, it will make a plethora of mistakes before it wallows in its own despair and finally kicks the bucket. Vince McMahon give off the feeling that he’s out there to please everyone, and metaphorically cut himself one time for every fan that doesn’t turn off their television a happy camper. But he is a sore loser who envies the growth of unathletic large guys instead of choosing the likes of Bryan Danielson and many more. This is where TNA excels, by building the likes of AJ Styles who is the greatest wrestler today, the Motor City Machine Guns or LAX who would otherwise be just mediocre undercard talents in the bin that is the WWE.

Another reason to hate the WWE is that they buried the ever-entertaining Tag Team Division. This could of been used to elevate talent but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WWE has again acted stupid by phagocyting it. This Division is an elite in this industry with the likes of Road Warriors and Team 3D cementing their status as the greats of this business.

The WWE is Pro-Wrestling company not a talk show....normally during a staredown,one guy does a big move before leaving but now they alomst hug and kiss then leave fresh.Nonsense!!!! That is why you kids need to watch the real deal T....N.....A

Storylines aimed at babies, PG, John Cena are the reasons why we need to hate the WWE. We all want real action ( NO HOMO ) and the WWE is just contradicting it.

Some morons need to look themself at the mirror and just realize that sometimes the WWE is just not good enough.


Excuse my poor grammar and writing skills.


If you disagree with me then it is OK but beef will be beefed OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH



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