Victor Cruz Pulls Off Marriage Proposal on the Sly in Front of Family, Friends

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 24, 2014


Never underestimate Victor Cruz’s sneakiness. 

The New York Giants wide receiver pulled off a slick one earlier this month when he proposed to longtime girlfriend Elaina Watley during a baby dedication for their daughter. reports the proposal occurred in New Jersey on July 13. The video confirms that it was adorable.

Cruz interrupted a pre-meal prayer to confess his love for Watley. It appeared to be just part of the dedication ceremony until Cruz started getting the jitters. 

“I’m shaking,” Cruz said, preparing to drop the bomb. “I don’t know why.”

I can imagine Cruz’s nerves vividly. It’s not so much the fear of being turned down that scares you in this moment; rather, it's the magnitude of the occasion washing over you and the idea that you might muck it up entirely. 

Cruz remained smooth, though. He picked his moment intelligently and turned an intimate situation into the surprise of a lifetime.

The proposal melted hearts around the Internet.

He also bought her a boulder.



Congratulations, Mr. and (the soon-to-be) Mrs. Cruz. You have a great future ahead of you.

Your relationship made it through the Giants’ 2013 season, meaning it can survive anything.


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