MLB Star's Autograph Is Incredibly Hard to Decipher

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2014

via @RedSox

Study that baseball and try to figure out whose signature that is.

Any guesses?

It's nearly impossible to figure out who signed that baseball just by looking at it. Once you see whose signature it is, you may be able to see it a bit clearer.

It's time for the big reveal:

Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz 

Charles Krupa/Associated Press

Now that you know whose signature it is, you can kind of piece together the signature. You can see the "B" (although it may look like a "3" to some) for "Buchholz" and an "11" to represent his number. However, no fan outside of Boston would have been able to recognize that signature.

If you had waited a long time to get Buchholz's autograph, would you be happy with what you got?

[Boston Red Sox, h/t CBS Sports]