Japanese Baseball Team Stands in Downpour for an Hour to Thank Supporters

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 24, 2014


Losing is zero percent fun, but it’s a lot worse when your coach makes you contemplate the loss in a monsoon.

A Japanese high school baseball team is probably still drying itself off after spending an hour standing in heavy rain and thanking its fans. 

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku reports that the Noshiro Shoyo High School baseball team stood on the curb in the rain and thanked each car of supporters after suffering a devastating loss.

For every vehicle, the group bowed and said “Thank you,” apologizing for a defeat that ruined its fans' chances to see the team play in a national tournament.

Ashcraft writes that this team’s show of gratitude has been well-received by baseball fans around Japan.

“Online in Japan, many people praise [Noshiro Shoyo]’s actions, saying they took defeat with honor. ‘I have such deep respect for this team,’ wrote Twitter user baseball319_t. Another Twitter user wrote that this was [the] ‘most polite team’ around.”

Thanking your fans is very polite. It’s also a good way to catch an illness if you’re doing it in the rain for extended time. 

I doff my cap to these young men and their appreciation for fans. Now, dry off and break some bats. That’s the real chicken soup for the defeated soul.


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