The Authority May Be Cesaro's Best Shot at Success Without Paul Heyman

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 24, 2014


If Cesaro wants to remain relevant in WWE following the end of his professional relationship with Paul Heyman, his only hope may be to join The Authority.

On Monday night's episode of Raw, fans got a tease that Cesaro may soon be joining with Triple H and friends.

The wrestler strolled up to Triple H backstage and announced he had parted ways with Heyman and was looking to join the corporate stable. The Game informed the Swiss star that if he could defeat Dean Ambrose, it would be a significant step in the right direction.


Cesaro did ultimately give a beatdown to an injured Ambrose, which only ended when the unhinged former Shield member brought in a steel chair and got himself DQ'd.

The jury still seems to be out on whether Cesaro impressed Triple H enough to join The Authority in the storyline, but hopefully he did.

Make no mistakefollowing the dissolution of Cesaro's partnership with Heyman, his career is in a precarious position.

The former ECW head honcho was really the only thing keeping Cesaro relevant. The Swiss star has lost a ton of momentum over the past few months. He's suffered loss after loss on television and hasn't been involved in any notable storylines or feuds. It's like 2013 all over again.

Heyman and Cesaro are finished as business partners.
Heyman and Cesaro are finished as business partners.Credit:

He needs to join the stable to get his career back on track.

At the very least, aligning with The Authority would give him an important place on the roster and guarantee him ample television time.

Anyone associated with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon—both of whom have been all over Raw in the last few months—is going to garner a decent amount of exposure and become a significant part of the show. It's inevitable.

Presumably, Cesaro will serve as an enforcer if he joins The Authority. He'll help Orton reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He'll also deliver beatings to rebellious wrestlers such as Ambrose or The Usos when they step out of line.


Crucially, joining the heel group will also give him the opportunity to mix it up in television main events with top stars such as John Cena and Roman Reigns. Fans have seen in the past what the former Ring of Honor performer is capable of when he's given enough in-ring time. His gauntlet match with Daniel Bryan in July last year remains one of the best matches Raw has ever aired. 

Simply put, he's a fantastic worker. 

Joining The Authority may be his big chance to prove to management just what he can do—and possibly leave them wondering why it took them so long to properly push him.


Fans could argue that Cesaro is really too good just to be a lowly henchman for the McMahons.

As noted, he's easily one of the best wrestlers on the whole roster. He should be main eventing, not doing Triple H's bidding or getting Stephanie coffee.

But joining The Authority is the best option he has at the moment; it would keep him on television and prevent fans from forgetting about him. And he'll be given an excellent opportunity to show off his skills.

It's not ideal—he should be getting a major solo push—but Cesaro has made a career out of impressing people, even when he's given limited options by the bookers. This wouldn't be any different.