Team Chemistry? I Have the Remetee!

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2009

Much has been said about team chemistry following Braun’s comments after Sunday’s game. If there are any hard feelings, I have the perfect solution — another Remetee launch party!

Check out this awesomely horrible video of the May 29 event at Decibel that just popped up on YouTube:

Things I love about the video:

  • The video is put out by “DbTV.” I’m sure it stands for Decibel, but judging by some of the people at the event, the Db could have easily stood for douchebag…
  • Braun wearing a collared shirt underneath one of the hideous Remetee t-shirts.
  • Bill Hall not striking out for once… but this time it’s with the ladies.
  • J.J. Hardy in a random photo looking like he’s modeling for the clothing line.
  • Mike Rivera looking uncomfortable and lost.
  • Jorge Julio making an appearance days before his Brewer career came to an end.
  • Mike Cameron’s horrible dance moves.
  • I know the Reds were in town, but who invited Chris Dickerson?
  • The fact that Braun could have slept with every woman in the video and most of the men too…