Athlete Throwback Thursday Pics You Can Never Unsee

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Athlete Throwback Thursday Pics You Can Never Unsee
Sam Forencich/Getty Images

Throwback Thursday has been such a hit because it adds a little magic known as nostalgia into the otherwise narcissistically intoxicating world of social media. It’s one of the few social media events people seem to enjoy witnessing as much as participating in. 

As much fun as it is to see vague acquaintances at the prom or posing for hilariously awkward school photos, it’s much more fun to see professional athletes in the same circumstances. They may be rich and famous and inexplicably talented, but at some point many of them were just goobers with ridiculous mustaches. And all of them were once goofy kids posing for goofy photos. 

A lot of athlete #TBT photos are carefully selected to make the poster look cool, which is totally fair. But there are the bold few who throw caution to the wind and feel comfortable enough in their own skin to let their freak flag (or fantastically awkward nerd flag) fly. The end result is a collection of the most amazing athlete photos that would be impossible to unsee. 

Not that you would want to unsee them. It’s just that some photos are powerful enough that once you see them, it’s almost impossible to ever see a certain athlete again without thinking of it. These are the photos you can never unsee. 

And here are 20 such photos. 

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