WWE NXT: Full Preview, Rumors and More for July 24

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Welcome to Bleacher Report's preview for the July 24 episode of NXT on the WWE Network. Spoilers are already out there, but if you want to know what will happen without having the matches spoiled for you, you're in the right place.

This is the final week in the block of NXT shows taped back in June, and it looks like there is going to be quite a bit going on in WWE's developmental brand.

A major selling point of this week's episode is a special appearance by Batista, who has been off WWE TV for several weeks following his falling out with The Authority and his subsequent resignation.

Batista is out promoting Guardians of the Galaxy right now, so his appearance may see him make a few references to his Marvel character, or he may just be there to have a little fun. Either way, it should be interesting.

As far as the actual wrestling goes, this is going to be a stacked show. Every single champion in NXT will be in action, with one of them even defending a title.

Tag team champions The Ascension will be taking on a team of local jobbers. It's not likely to be an incredible match, but an easy win will definitely make The Ascension look strong.

Fans have been wondering for months when the NXT tag champs will be called up to the main roster. They seem ready to step up to the next level, and The Usos have started to run out of competition.

If WWE decides to pull the trigger after SummerSlam, this could be one of the last NXT matches we see from the duo.

Tyler Breeze, No. 1 contender to the NXT title, will be returning to action this week after sitting out for a while with a hand injury. He will be taking on Mojo Rawley, WWE's most hyper talent.

This will probably be the shortest match of the evening. Breeze still has his hand wrapped up, and WWE likely doesn't want to risk making the injury any worse.

In women's wrestling action, Charlotte will be defending her NXT Women's Championship against Summer Rae, someone who has been making waves on the main roster in recent weeks.

This is an interesting combination. Charlotte and Summer are both technically heels—they even teamed up just last monthbut Summer seems to get more of a babyface response than Charlotte.

It could be argued that Summer turned face when she began feuding with Fandango, but she still acts like a heel, which makes her somewhat of a tweener. It will be interesting to see who the crowd gets behind in this one.

A new tag team could be emerging in NXT, and it's one with a lot of potential. Sin Cara will be teaming up with Kalisto to take on The Vaudevillains.

Kalisto and Sin Cara wrestle similar styles and have similar gimmicks, making them an ideal pairing. It's not known if Kalisto and Ricardo Rodriguez will no longer be teaming together, but with Rodriguez becoming a fixture on the Spanish announce team, it could be that he is hanging up his boots for the time being.

The Vaudevillains have been making a name for themselves in NXT over the past couple of months. Both of these teams could be viable candidates to take the titles off The Ascension, so this will be a match to pay attention to.

And finally, in the main event, we will see NXT champion Adrian Neville take on Rusev in a non-title bout. These two men wrestle vastly different styles, so we could end up seeing an instant classic or a total bomb.

Unfortunately, that is the risk you take when you put a high-flyer in the ring with a powerhouse. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

With all the champions in action, a possible new tag team coming together and a special appearance by Batista, this week's episode of NXT is beginning to look like must-see TV. (Do we still call it "Must-see TV" if it's only on the Internet? "Must-see streaming" doesn't roll off the tongue as well.)

What are you looking forward to on this week's show? 


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