Jeff Francoeur Pranked Again by Teammates, Gets Locked in Bathroom

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 23, 2014


Today is a strange day for journeyman outfielder Jeff Francoeur.

On the bright side, the San Diego Padres are calling him back up to the big leagues.

On the less glamorous side, his minor league teammates with the El Paso Chihuahuas have commemorated the occasion by releasing a video of Francoeur being entombed in a clubhouse bathroom (shown above).

In case you’ve forgotten, earlier this year the entire Chihuahuas roster (coaches included) conspired to convince Francoeur that pitcher Jorge Reyes was a deaf man (shown below).

It was a deep-cover deception of the highest order, and the team followed it up with a far less involved (but very satisfying) gag: trapping Francoeur in the bathroom.

Chihuahuas first baseman Cody Decker (h/t Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf) put together another well-produced video of the prank, which occurred after Francoeur illicitly slunk into the coaches' bathroom.

Utilizing a sophisticated system of exercise cables and spin bikes, Travis Buck and company latched the doors closed on Frenchy, who was left stranded on the porcelain with nothing but the itchy company of his thoughts.

After an hour of pulling on handles and probing for weak spots in the drywall, Francoeur resorted to desperate, Mission Impossible tactics to make his way out of the situation.

He escaped through the ceiling.

Lifting himself up into the musty inner workings of the Chihuahua clubhouse, Francoeur crawled—clawing through foot after foot of moldering insulation and chupacabra droppings.

After some time of crawling through the gloom, he burst through the locker room ceiling ready to dish out vengeance.

The good news is Frenchy made it. The bad news is the days of delightful Francoeur pranks might be over.

Sadly, the big leagues are no place for this much fun—unless the Padres wise up and bring Decker and some of his Chihuahuas teammates on board.


Cody Decker for GM. Do it.