Boise State's Recruits: A Goldmine

Fletcher KellyContributor IJuly 8, 2009

Boise State has hit the goldmine this year. Their recruits are top-notch. It seems that the more Boise State wins, the better recruits they get. So don't expect these to be the last of them.

My favorite recruit is Malcolm Johnson, a 5'10", 185-pound beast at running back. In his senior year of high school, he ran the ball 230 times for 2,095 yards and 22 touchdowns. Look for him to be the starter next year now that Doug Martin is playing defense.

Quarterback may not seem like all that exciting of a position now that we have Moore, but standout Joe Southwick is the real deal. In high school, he passed for 290.8 yards a game for 28 total touchdowns. He added an additional eight TDs on the ground. He will red shirt his first year, and when Moore graduates, Southwick will most likely be the starter.

We have two star CBs that will soon be on the roster. First is Jonathan Brown, a multi-position player from Encinal High School. He played QB, OLB, and eventually CB. Just look at this guy's highlights, and you will immediately see why he was so sought after.

The next CB on my list is Ebenezer Makinde. He's about like Brown—just check his highlights.

Boise State has many bright years ahead.

Let's go Broncos!