The 5 Greatest Footballers You've Never Heard Of

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The 5 Greatest Footballers You've Never Heard Of

Pele or Maradonna? We've all been asked the question, because it's actually there on all of our Bleacher Report profile pages.

There have been endless superlatives used to describe Van Basten, Bobby Charlton, Roberto Baggio but what about Arsenio Erico?

Who? Exactly.

This is the Paraguayan striker which inspired the great Alfredo Di Stefano, bicycle-kick inventor Leônidas da Silva considered the best in the world and one of the first players to pioneer the fledgling sport of Association Football to the masses of South America.

There is a wealth of talent from the days before the mass televising and commercialism of the game. People which have been forgotten with shiny new players, but whose achievements served to inspire the legends we're used to, and more importantly, shape the game itself.

And in the unlikely event you have heard of them, you have my permission to feel smug.

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