Debate: Who Is the Favorite to Win the NFC East?

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Debate: Who Is the Favorite to Win the NFC East?
Kathy Willens

Debate: Who Is the Favorite to Win the NFC East in 2014?


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I started to laugh when you said the cowboys have the best offense in the division. The eagles are a top 3 offense and have a way better offense than ...
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Cowboys will be better than people say. They have the best offense In the division. If their D plays a little better this year (which they will) they ...
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You know everyone wll be saying Eagles. But watch out for the Redskins. They made a lot of improvements this off season and the new coaching staff is ...
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WASHINGTON REDSKINS!! Everybody else can continue to sleep on us but we will take the division this year. HTTR
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Giants. Every time eli has a bad year he bounces back in a big way. Also Giants have the best D in the division. Defense win championships!!
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