McDaniels: What If He's Right?

Seth MeltonCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2009

ENGLEWOOD, CO - JUNE 12:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos oversees practice during minicamp at the Broncos Dove Valley training facility on June 12, 2009 in Englewood, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

McDaniels came in and demolished the Denver Broncos.

That seems to be the drift I catch from everywhere I go. I wear my Broncos hat proudly in Tennessee only to be followed by my favorite question.

"Your still a Broncos fan?"

Yes, because I don't see it through everyone else's eyes. Maybe my vision is blurred because I'm a die-hard Denver fan, but I'll wait and see.


McDaniels haters...I hope your reading.

Denver has one of the most brutal schedules outside of our division this year, so we're supposed to get murdered—based on what I hear, anyway. So what happens if we don't?

ESPN, SI writers, and over half the people on here will have to stick their foot in their mouth. What if his theory of being a complete team of unification works and they win games? The schedule isn't in our favor as I mentioned earlier, so I believe it would shock people even more if he wins against the quality of teams he has to play.

What if Denver actually wins games?


Mangini, Crennel, and Weis all failed. Why is McD different?

I think he comes from a different background. His father is a legendary high school coach. He then came up under Saban and then Belichick himself.

Yeah, his draft board only had 100 players on it compared to other ones with 500-600 names. But if he drafted all his players from the pool of 100, what makes that wrong? He knew what he wanted and he went and got it.

Just because some of Belichick's other understudies failed, doesn't mean McD has to.


The worst offseason goes to the Denver Broncos. Why?

I am somewhat blindsided by this. We cleaned out our defense and made it better. Maybe it got a little bit older, but better.

The Patriots won three Super Bowls with smart veteran players. Goodman led the Dolphins in INTs, Dawkins is a natural born leader and a playmaker, Hill is an upgrade over all our safeties last year, and Davis gives another veteran linebacker. We filled in the rest of the holes with role players and young rookies.

The front seven is still a little weak, but it's hard to plug all the holes at once. I understand we lost Cutler, but that is the only talent we lost. We got maximum value for him which is the best we could do. When you don't answer the owner, problems occur.


Coaching staff changes.

Mike Nolan is an obvious upgrade over Bob Slowik. Did you see our defense last year? It will be hard for it to get worse.

Shanahan was an offensive genius, this we all know. Have you seen the Patriots the last few years with McDaniels calling the plays? Their offense looked pretty stout to me. They broke the NFL scoring record for a season. Yeah I know Denver had one of the top offenses, but they were in the middle in scoring.


Maybe not in one year.

Sometimes it's hard for change to occur in one year. Bowlen gave Shanahan three years and we had three average seasons: 9-7, 7-9, and 8-8.

That calls for change.

He brings in McDaniels and he makes changes. This is what needed to happen in Denver. I think McD came in with an attitude of 'if your not going to play up to your potential, we will find someone who will.' I see nothing wrong with this attitude.

I have heard upbeat respons from OTA's and other camps. Just for thought, the Dolphins did win one game in '08 and 11 in '09. So why can't an 8-8 Denver team win 11 games?


I told you so.

I will gladly come on here next year and eat my words if Denver is terrible. If their terrible the next year, I will be right back here again to eat my words. But if I get to say I told you so, McDaniels haters beware.