Letter To Hendry, Pinella, Cubs Team....

Jon ChonarContributor IJuly 7, 2009

Dear Cubbies,

     It is with a "heavy" heart (oh, I forgot you ripped my heart long time ago!) that I write this letter to you.  After many years of torture, pain, suffering, agony, lies, promises false hopes I must look in the mirror and draw the line somewhere when it comes to accepting you for what you are.

I am tired of promises, politician speeches, inspirational babbling, faith healing powers, excuses, the ivy covered walls, living in the past instead of living in the present day, tricking all us into believing we have the best team, the best ball park, the best food, the best announcers, the "constant shoveling of BS" coming from the Owners, the General Manager, and Manager, the "preaching of having faith in the team", the consistent "choking" year after year after year, the "illusions of grandeur,  ripping my heart out of my chest, ripping the carpet from under my feet, denying all Cub fans of the "thrill of victories" and submitting us to agony of defeat after defeat, finding yet "new ways" of losing that have never happened before,  the "smoke screens" created to pretend you have a contender when in fact you have................????????