Mark Reynolds Is an All-Star

Lauren PeccoloContributor IJuly 7, 2009

In 2008, most people who heard of Mark Reynolds didn’t know about the home runs he hit, or the fact that he led the Arizona Diamondbacks in runs batted in.  Instead, baseball fans focused on the record he did break: the strike out record.

Reynolds struck out 204 times last year, making him seem like an easy out, and maybe a hitter who’s power numbers were a fluke.

However, all of that has changed in the perception of many baseball fans. The 2009 season for Mark Reynolds has been quite the story to tell. Sure he may have 111 strikeouts and has committed 13 errors. But, those are just some stats hidden behind this deserving All-Star candidate.

Mark Reynolds simply can hit for power, in tight games, and even to win it all. Reynolds’ 24 home runs are tied for second in the Major Leagues, behind Albert Pujols. He is third in the National League in RBI, behind Pujols and Fielder—All-Star first baseman.

If those numbers do not impress, maybe this will. Mark Reynolds’ team is currently 18.5 games out of first place, and fifteen games below .500. They rank in the bottom of the league in runs scored, batting average, and even home runs. Yet, here Reynolds is consistently producing.

His late inning stats are insane, batting .322 from the seventh inning through the ninth, while driving in 21 runs.  In the past three games, he has delivered key hits. He hit a home run in a comeback victory for the Diamondbacks on Saturday, followed by the game tying home run on Sunday and finally a walk-off single at home on Monday night.

Among the leaders in most offensive categories in the National League lies this young third baseman. Though part of a small market team, he is starting to make a big name for himself. And that is why you should see the All-Star in Mark Reynolds and vote for him. He truly deserves it.