Chris Jericho Deserves One Last Run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 18, 2014


If WWE management wants to fully capitalize on Chris Jericho's return, it should seriously consider giving the star a run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the next year or so.

For one thing, Jericho would be a fresh face in the title picture. Come on, does anyone really need to see another lengthy, and dull, John Cena or Randy Orton reign? Of course not. It's time to liven up the main event scene a bit.

OK, so there are newer guys like Rusev, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on the verge of being top guys, but they aren't quite ready to hold the belt. Jericho, meanwhile, has enough experience for the bookers to know they can give him a decent run with the title and he won't screw it up.


Would a Jericho reign dramatically turn around business? Probably not. But it would provide some great matches and good promos and help make the TV product more exciting. You also have the opportunity for many new programs (a Jericho vs. Cena program remains an interesting option).

And as the warm response from the crowds whenever he does come back to WWE shows, he's tremendously popular. Fans would love to see him have one last run with the championship again. After nearly 15 years on the active roster, he's become a respected veteran star, like "Stone Cold" Steven Austin or The Undertaker.

Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

OK, so some would argue putting the belt on Jericho this year, or the next, isn't a good idea. They would point to his various side projects—his rock band Fozzy, his successful podcast and his acting career—and his frequent absences as proof of why he can't fully commit to WWE.

After all, a WWE champion is expected to work the busy road schedule, which could be a problem for a part-timer like Jericho.

Dario Cantatore/Associated Press

However, I would point to The Rock's successful title run in early 2013 as proof of why a wrestler doesn't need to be full-time for management to feel comfortable giving him the belt. And Rock had a way busier schedule than Jericho does right now.

Similarly, Brock Lesnar may very well be getting the title soon—following his destruction of The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania XXX, it appears to be the next logical step. He works a light schedule too.

The creative team can work around scheduling issues if the right opportunity presents itself. It's not impossible. Besides, I'm sure if it did pitch one last great title run to Jericho, he'd be very willing to commit to longer on his contract and/or work more dates.

Come on, WWE. Give the veteran star the championship. You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.