Hockey Rumor Buzz Volume 3: Sundin to Calgary? I Can Feel It in My Bones

Hockey Rumor MillContributor IJuly 7, 2009

The Latest Information to Hit My Desk

All this talk and speculation about Mats Sundin calling it quits is nothing but hogwash!

Hogwash I tell you! After all, didn't this same player retire about 15 times last season?

Sundin, who spent the majority of his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, after a brief stint in Quebec, went on to become their all-time points leader. After a summer that included more drama then a soap opera, Sundin finally chose the Vancouver Canucks as his next team.

He was offered a two-year deal by the Canucks, but most people don't understand that he didn't accept that offer and it was really just a one-year deal.

For that, Sundin is free to hit the market and the Calgary Flames will be his next destination.

A source very close to Darryl Sutter and Flame Management has confirmed that the team is, in fact, making a major play for him, especially since the hard-nosed Mike Keenan has been fired, and the team lost Mike Cammalleri to free agency.

The source has also told me that the team will be giving Sundin a strict deadline and we should see news of this very shortly.

Sundin to Calgary HRB rating: 4


By Leopold

Hockey Rumor Buzz Correspondent