WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of July 14

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 18, 2014

Photo from WWE's Instagram

The week's best WWE social media welcomed Kenta and Sting and said goodbye to Santino Marella and CM Punk.

Those four men inspired some of the most intriguing tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos of the last week before Battleground. Vince McMahon's watchful eye, The Rock's fanny pack and Roman Reigns' hair made their way onto the list as well.

WWE's busy schedule took its traveling circus of spandex to Madison Square Garden, Japan and Richmond, Virginia.

That first location was once WWE's hub and heart. The sports entertainment giant has since moved from a regional promotion in the Northeast to a global phenomenon. The Garden still holds a special place in WWE's lore, and a trip there always has an added electricity to it.

During the latest visit to the home of the New York Knicks, Triple H caught McMahon backstage checking out the action.

Although he's been absent from TV, McMahon, as the photo reminds us, is still overseeing the operation and is still WWE's godfather. 

The visit to New York overlapped with WWE's trip to Japan. Some talents, including Reigns, were still in Osaka when the show in the Garden went down.

A stark contrast of light and shadow, Reigns' stare and an interesting angle made the shot of him in a ring in Osaka that WWE posted on Instagram a striking one.

Photo from WWE's Instagram

His hair, like it usually is before a bout, is drenched. Some fans may just accept wetting one's hair before a fight as a tradition that goes back to Bret Hart and beyond. Others, though, are more the questioning type.

One fan held up a hilarious sign on Monday's Raw for Reigns, asking what many fans have wondered.

WWE's trip to Japan netted the company more than ticket sales. Pro Wrestling Noah star Kenta signed a deal to join NXT. Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart were a part of the announcement, welcoming Kenta to the next stage of his career.

The image of Kenta and Hogan together, which WWE shared on Instagram, is powerful.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart welcome Kenta (middle) to WWE.
Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart welcome Kenta (middle) to WWE.Photo from WWE's Instagram

It's a symbol of WWE embracing the future, forgoing its usual distaste for wrestlers who have made their name elsewhere and taking a chance on a star that doesn't fit the typical WWE mold. The excitement over Kenta's arrival is almost enough to make one forget that Punk's WWE career officially came to an end. Almost.

After spending months away from the ring, Punk's move from the "Superstar" to the "Alumni" section of WWE.com signaled the end for him.

Fans began to thank Punk for everything he brought to the company. The former WWE champ responded with a tweet that read like a goodbye.

(NSFW warning: Punk uses a touch of profane language here.)

That puts a hole in the flimsy hopes that Punk would patch things up with WWE and come back to wrestling. This is about as much closure as it appears fans are going to get on the situation.

It's now time to move on. Luckily, The Rock eased the pain of the WWE audience seeing one of its best showman's runs come to a close with a look back at his past. 

It takes confidence to post a picture of one's self with that haircut and that choice of fashion accessory.

If that isn't enough to make one feel better, try watching Santino's best moments. Santino may or may not have retired after a non-committal announcement in Toronto. 

Whether he's really done or not, WWE saluted the funnyman by showcasing some of his most amusing antics in its latest top 10 video.

No video got more WWE fans talking this week than one that aired on Monday's Raw featuring an orchestra and The Icon. Sure, fans were hoping for an actual debut for the company he has yet to compete for, but the promo for WWE 2K15 was still entrancing.

There's uncertainty surrounding whether he will wrestle for WWE and whether the highly anticipated match against Undertaker is still a possibility. But before getting too wrapped up in possible future scenarios, be sure to take a moment and soak the present in.

The video is awesome, one of the best promos he's been a part of ever, even if its purpose is just to promote a video game. It's worth watching several times over, occupying fans until word on what's next for Sting emerges.