Cape Fear Rugby 7s Results

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Cape Fear Rugby 7s Results
Cape Fear Rugby 7s Results

Women’s Open (Premier): NOVA Piranhas over Northeast
Women’s Club: Hustlers over NOVA Piranhas II
Men’s Open (Premier): Life over NOVA
Men’s Club: Kudus over Daytona
Social: Western Suburbs over Horde
Social 2: Fancy Lads over Southern Pines

Women's Premiere
NRU Rugby
South Allstars
South Allstars 2
NOVA (Va.)
The Hustlers

Women's Social
Raleigh Venom
DC Furies
Team Pretty
Cape Fear WRFC
MD Stingers
The Red Hotts

Men's Club
Kudus 1 (NC)
Camp Lejeune 1 (NC)
Kenya Exiles 2
Highlanders (NC)
Cape Fear 2
Auburn Alumni (Ala.)
NOVA 2 (Va.)
Florida Rugby Academy 2
Dirty Jersey (NJ)

Men's Social
Gladiators (NC)
Kudos 2 (NC)
Lexingon (Ky.)
Western Suburbs (Va.)
Camp Lejeune 2 (NC)
Washington Irish (Va.)
Virginia Tech Alumni (Va.)
Northside Barbarians (Tenn.)
Horde Rugby (NC)
Fancy Lads (Ga.)
NC State (NC)
Cherry Point (NC)
Cape Fear 3 (NC)
The Ticks (Tenn.)
Southern Pines (NC)

For video from the tournament, check out WWAY Channel 3...there is plenty of women featured in the video as well!

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