Where Does Jack Swagger Go from Here?

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2014


Admittedly, Jack Swagger's overall feud with Rusev has been quite entertaining.

Swagger, already having a patriotic-heavy gimmick, was the perfect person to intercept the path of Rusev's Russian-sympathizing dominance. Moreover, it surely helps that Swagger has a legendary mouthpiece in Zeb Colter, shooting witty ripostes to every demeaning statement tossed by Lana.

Despite this feud that led to a hard-hitting match at Battleground, where does Swagger go from here? 

Thankfully, this has been the best we have seen from Swagger. However, that is not saying very much.

Let's take a stroll down Swagger memory lane: He conquers ECW in a very C-rated talent pool (minus a few), flounders and wins Money in the Bank at WM 26 and, subsequently, the World Heavyweight Championship.

Swagger then flounders, becomes Michael Cole's "trainer," flounders and aligns with Vickie Guererro and Dolph Ziggler, eventually leading to a US Championship. He flounders yet again then aligns with Zeb Colter, which led to winning an elimination chamber and competing for the WHC at WM 29, flounders, teams with Cesaro and flounders once more.

Finally, there were hopes of a consistent beacon of light with his recent babyface turn. Unfortunately, this may be wishful thinking. 

Any hopes for Swagger were fading fast based on Creative's unstable booking of him in a heel role. Despite that, with America at his side and his pure wrestling athleticism, he has the potential to be a prominent babyface.

However, it looks as if he'll be back in Flounderville again.

At Battleground, we saw a count-out victory from Rusev that still protected Swagger's character and made him look like a legitimate threat to Rusev's winning streak. That was until he was attacked post-match and became a victim of Rusev's Accolade finishing maneuver.

At SummerSlam, he lost again and has yet to gain any revenge. Most likely, we won't see any.

With the shortage of babyfaces WWE has, especially with Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose gone, Swagger would have been a perfect fit to be high on the list. Swagger has proven himself over and over again that he could put together a good match. His charisma was his downfall, but now this deficit has been trumped by three words.

We. The. People.

Swagger as a babyface is a great idea, especially seeing how his six years as a heel in the WWE receives an overall negative grade. It is new, fresh and did not take long at all for the fans to be on board.

Sadly, he may have been used to make Rusev look more dominant, which does not benefit his character in the slightest. Bo Dallas looks to be his next feud, but the interest will certainly not equate to his feud with Rusev.


Where does Swagger's career go from here? Sound off below.


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