Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant <<clash Of Titans>>

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2009

As we all know at the early 1986s the two most popular WWE superstars were Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. The first time these two superstars fought against each other was at a 10 man tag team elimanation match at survivor series were Hulk Hogan was quiqly counted out and Andre the giant soloed all of the opponents team. But later Hulk Hogan attacked Andre out of the ring.

At the 1987s a man called “The Million Dollar Man” came and asked Hogan who was currently the champ to sell him his title but Hogan refrused. So he then asked Andre to defeat hogan and get the title and then to give it to him(the milllion dollar man). The second time they meet in the ring was at a match for the title. Andre defeated Hogan and gave the title to dibiase a.k.a “The Million Dollar Man.

But the greatest match these two superstars had was of course the memorable match  at Wrestlemania III. At  that match Andre body slamed Hulk hogan twice but the The champ was able to <> and body slam Andre to win the title.

This two superstars offered us some great wrestling experience and i personally believe that the only other two athletes that offered us such grate matches were the rock and steve austin.