Naomi vs. Cameron Results: Winner and Post-Match Reaction

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJuly 20, 2014

WWE Superstar Trinity McCray (AKA Naomi) arrives at the Superstars of Hope honors Make A Wish Foundation event at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday, August 15, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP)
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Sunday's Battleground pay-per-view got started with a grudge match between Naomi and Cameron on the Kickoff pre-show. In the end, it was Cameron who reigned supreme in the clash of former Funkadactyls. detailed how Cameron captured the win, and the WWE Diva's account snapped a photo:

Bleacher Report's Justin LaBar gave his thoughts on the match:

Cameron shared a Vine via the WWE's Twitter account after the match:

Naomi and Cameron had been partners since making their WWE main roster debut in 2012. Their friendship recently hit choppy waters, though, when Cameron started to take on a heel persona.

With Cameron hanging Naomi out to dry on a regular basis, the former friends ultimately came to blows. It was a last resort for Naomi, but Cameron seemed pleased to leave Naomi behind:

Cameron suggested that Naomi was holding her back, so turning on her partner was the only way to take the next step in her career:

Since Cameron has never been the best in-ring worker, Naomi has received the bulk of the accolades since the two of them made the jump to WWE. Naomi is unquestionably one of the most athletic Divas today and perhaps of all time.

It was difficult for Cameron to get noticed in Naomi's shadow, so breaking off on her own made sense. Cameron may never reach Naomi's level in terms of pure wrestling ability, but she has already shown that she can pull off a heel character quite effectively.

Cameron got under Naomi's skin during the lead-up to Battleground by pretending to fall asleep and applying lip gloss instead of reaching for the tag during matches with Naomi as her partner.

Naomi clearly got fed up and intended to teach her former pal a lesson at the pay-per-view:

Naomi put on a sparkling performance and displayed her explosive offense throughout, but it was Cameron who got the last laugh as she stole what may very well be the biggest win of her career to this point.

The result of the match wasn't particularly important, but Naomi did get a nice pop as the fan favorite, while Cameron got some heat for picking up the victory. If nothing else, this match and feud as a whole proves that there is a renewed emphasis on the Divas division.

Fans would be hard-pressed to find one storyline occurring within the division at many points over the past few years. There are at least four legitimate Divas angles playing out right now, however, with Naomi vs. Cameron among them.

Battleground marks the second consecutive pay-per-view that featured more than one Divas match. Some viewers might argue that it is simply a product of WWE not doing enough with the male talent on the roster, but it seems to be a case of the creative team making a concerted effort to feature the Divas more often.

That likely has a lot to do with the emergence of Total Divas. Naomi and Cameron are key figures on the show, so giving them a Kickoff match against each other was smart and logical promotion from WWE's standpoint.

From a booking perspective, this win may put Cameron in the Divas Championship hunt, although AJ Lee vs. Paige seems like a long-term feud that could easily last through SummerSlam at the very least.

Since the Divas roster isn't particularly deep, almost everyone gets a shot at the title eventually. Cameron probably won't win the strap when her time to challenge for it comes, but she definitely has some momentum on her side.

The Divas division is starting to heat up in a major way, and Sunday's Kickoff encounter was proof positive.


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