5 Reasons to Watch UFC Fight Night 46

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJuly 18, 2014

5 Reasons to Watch UFC Fight Night 46

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    It's been a busy week for the UFC. Wednesday night, it was UFC Fight Night 45 in Atlantic City. Saturday, it's UFC Fight Night 46 in Ireland.

    The card in Ireland will feature local superstar Conor McGregor continuing his UFC journey when he takes on Diego Brandao. Not only that, but McGregor's teammate, Gunnar Nelson, looks to stay unbeaten when he takes on Zak Cummings.

    Need more incentive? Here are five reasons to tune in to Fight Pass Saturday. 

The Notorious Ready for Superstardom

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    Conor McGregor has certainly made a lot of noise since coming to the UFC. From calling himself the G.O.A.T to saying he is the next title challenger at 145, he has certainly grabbed a lot of attention.

    He now has a chance to prove that he is indeed what he says he is.

    Just three fights into his UFC tenure, McGregor has secured a headlining spot opposite Diego Brandao. That is pretty impressive for a guy who has yet to beat a top-20 opponent.

    He's got a ton of press lately and has become one of the bigger stars the UFC has produced in recent times. Can he keep his superstar status or will he prove to be overrated? 

Icelandic Hero

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    In The Mighty Ducks, the team from Iceland was the villainous group that rivaled our titular heroes.

    If you were a fan of that movie as a kid, you have a natural dislike of Iceland just because of that.

    With that being said, Gunnar Nelson is an Icelandic sensation UFC fans should get behind.

    Nelson is a soft-spoken, well-rounded assassin with the eyes of a stone-cold killer.

    He's the guy at the bar who you don't mess with—he'll stare a hole in you before beating you down and ordering another drink.

    He has a tough wrestler on his plate in Zak Cummings next. Should he continue to win as impressively as he has been, there's no doubt this guy will be in the title picture imminently.

Uncle Creepy and One Punch: The Under-the-Radar Rivalry

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    Whether you realize it or not, Brad Pickett and Ian McCall don't like each other. It's been a beef brewing for a while.

    Both men are top flyweights in the UFC who are potentially a win away from a title shot at Demetrious Johnson. Both are ranked in the top 10 and have been (Pickett at 135) for some time.

    Not only that, but they are both highly entertaining fighters. Add in that these guys have animosity toward one another, and this should be a classic.

    Sometimes the best fights stem from real differences, no matter how much publicity those quarrels have or don't have. 

Irish Prospect Watch

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    Conor McGregor is the superstar leading the Irish charge Saturday. However, he's not the only Irishman on the card.

    Outside of McGregor, Ireland is represented by Cathal Pendred, Neil Seery and Patrick Holohan, who will try to help put Ireland on the map.

    The trio are among the best Ireland has to offer, along with others like Aisling Daly, who is on TUF 20.

    Until recently, Pendred was the other guy from Ireland—outside of McGregor—who had gained a ton of notoriety. While his star dimmed a bit on TUF 19, he remains a skilled killer who deserves a shot in the UFC.

    Seery and Holohan are under-the-radar talents who could surprise on Saturday. Ireland is definitely blooming with talent and these men aim to show it this weekend. 

Early Satuday Card!

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    I'll be honest with you—I like to spend my Saturdays at the discotecas and watering holes, where I can wet my whistle, share a laugh with some friends and get use out of my dancing shoes.

    With as many UFC events as there are now, it's been tougher to get out on those Saturdays, as I always want to watch the UFC when it's on.

    Saturday is a great change-up to the nighttime UFC card, as it will be a late morning/early afternoon card, which gives fans something to do in the middle of the day and allows them to engage in plans at night.

    Be happy! Watch some UFC, make some plans for the night and have a great Saturday!