Bo Dallas Must Win the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Battleground

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2014

Bo Dallas
Bo Dallascredit:

Bo Dallas will join 19 other Superstars in the Battle Royal match at WWE Battleground coming up on Sunday, July 20.  The man that's left in the ring at the end of that bout will be crowned the new intercontinental champion.

And while some may not believe Dallas is a wise choice to wear the gold after Battleground, the truth is that he has all the tools necessary to be champion.  The fact is that Dallas must win the intercontinental title at Battleground.

Dallas is one of the most entertaining NXT stars that have been called up to the main roster in quite some time.  He knows what it means to get into character and to portray that character to the fullest. When fans see Dallas, they do not see an actor.

They see a man named Bo Dallas.  And that is testament to the work that he's done to get over in the first place.  Unlike Santino Marella before him, Bo Dallas is not obviously trying to be someone else. And that should bode well for him later in his career.

Bo encourages Fandango
Bo encourages Fandangocredit:

But even though his character work is appreciated by many of the WWE faithful, that does not mean that he's well-loved.  In fact, most fans want to kill him.

The reason for that is Bo Dallas is by far one of the most irritating WWE Superstars in recent memory. From his permanent smile to his silly motivational speeches, Bo has cornered the market on must-see WWE newcomers simply because fans just want to hate him.

And he doesn't even know it.

Bo is totally oblivious to how the crowd truly feels about him.  He believes that when he tries to motivate the opponent he just beat, he's doing the right thing.  He thinks that he's making a difference in the lives of WWE Superstars by encouraging them to Bolieve.  And he feels that if he can spread his motivational message to the masses, then he will become a hero to them.

Apparently Bo doesn't know much.

Bo "motivates" the crowd
Bo "motivates" the crowdcredit:

But even through all of the ridiculous speeches he gives, Bo Dallas remains a very entertaining Superstar.  Fans respond to what he does, and they want to know what he will do next.

And Bo's next move should be an intercontinental title run.

Bo would bring a fresh approach to WWE's most respected secondary championship. While the WWE World Championship was being decided in very dramatic fashion in very intense storylines, Bo would just be having fun wearing the IC belt as a trophy of his hard work.

"Just hang in there guy and maybe one day you too can have one of these," he could say. 

Of course, Bo would win the title and then defend it under some rather shady circumstances.  But that would be part of the clueless nature of his character.  And that's why it would work so well.

Fans know that WWE is all about prepping for the future. While WCW was busy booking aging veterans in their main events, WWE was featuring young talents that no one knew. And in the long run, those young stars were able to establish themselves and help move the company forward.

This was WWE's way of doing business then and it has not changed.  Fans may not be very familiar with the faces they see today, but those are the faces they will pay to see tomorrow.  Bo Dallas is one of those faces.

Bo may not be a popular choice to be intercontinental champion but the fact is that he should get an opportunity.  In a Battle Royal full of intense Superstars that bring drama to their matches, Bo Dallas is the standout because he's just so entertaining.  And perhaps the best way to keep spotlighting him is to put the intercontinental title around his waist.

Bolieve it.