UFC Fight Night 45 Results: Grades for Every Main Card Fighter

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IJuly 17, 2014

UFC Fight Night 45 Results: Grades for Every Main Card Fighter

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    UFC Fight Night 45 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, produced one of the best UFC cards in recent memory. There were 11 fights on the card, and nine were finished. Of the six bouts on the main card, all six were finished—five by knockout or technical knockout.

    In the main event, Donald Cerrone scored a head-kick knockout of Jim Miller, and the co-main event saw Edson Barboza score a TKO of Evan Dunham with a body kick and punches.

    Cerrone and Barboza both had outstanding performances, but what were the grades for the other 10 fighters on the main card? Read on to find out.

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Lucas Martins

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    Lucas Martins came into the matchup with Alex White on a three-fight win streak with two finishes by knockout and one submission in a lone bantamweight tilt.

    Martins spent the majority of the bout in control of the striking, holding a 53-42 advantage in that department. Martins stalked White around the cage and was able to score the finish in the third round.

    With the win, Martins moves to 15-1 for his career and 3-1 in the UFC. His only loss came at the hands of Barboza at UFC on FX 7 in Martins' debut.

    Martins did get dropped in the second, but he was able to come back and score the win.

    Grade: B+

Alex White

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    White came into this fight with a record of 10-0, having scored a win in his first UFC fight by knockout in just under 90 seconds.

    Unfortunately, he didn't do anything nearly as impressive on Wednesday night. White spent the majority of the bout getting punched, with his lone success being when he dropped Martins in the second.

    In the last round he finally got overwhelmed and was knocked out at 2:08 of the third. 

    Grade: C-/D+

John Lineker

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    John Lineker came into his matchup off a loss to Ali Bagautinov at UFC 169 and was looking to rebound in a big way. He did just that as he scored a TKO over Alptekin Ozkilic with just nine seconds left in the fight.

    Lineker had dominated the entire bout up until that point, landing huge shots against Ozkilic and never allowing him to get or keep any momentum.

    In the final round, Lineker turned up the juice and had the crowd cheer him on. With the crowd on his side he swarmed Ozkilic and scored the TKO. 

    Grade: A

Alptekin Ozkilic

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    Ozkilic came into this fight 1-1 in the UFC, having lost his last bout to Louis Smolka back in January. He needed to pick up a win, but he just wasn't able to.

    Ozkilic spent the majority of the fight getting hit, although he can take solace in the fact that not many people can take as many shots from Lineker as he did (133). 

    Grade: D+

Justin Salas

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    Justin Salas had some success early on in his fight with Joe Proctor. After the first round, Salas had caused a tremendous hematoma to form on Proctor's left temple.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't enough as Proctor was able to overcome the hematoma and land a couple of good shots to rock Salas before finally putting away the TKO victory. 

    Grade: C-

Joe Proctor

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    Proctor was able to counter whenever Salas came forward, and he was able to get back up when he was taken down. Salas had control at times in the clinch and on the ground, but it was never enough to stop Proctor.

    Proctor was able to rock Salas, then seconds later he rocked him again. Proctor followed up on the second knockdown with more punches and put Salas away for the TKO at 3:27 of Round 2.

    Grade: B+

Rick Story

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    Rick Story fought exactly how Rick Story fights.

    He scored his first takedown of Leonardo Mafra less than one minute into the bout and easily won the first round. The second round looked like much of the first, except that after Story gained a mounted position, he moved to side control and went for the arm triangle.

    He was able to lock it in and forced Mafra to tap at 2:12 of the second round. 

    Grade: A-

Leonardo Mafra

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    Mafra didn't really do much of anything on Wednesday night.

    He got taken down repeatedly and then easily submitted in the middle of the second round. There was not much good coming out of this one for him. He may be cut again, although it would be unlikely.

    Grade: D

Edson Barboza

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    Barboza did everything right on Wednesday night. It took just over three minutes for Barboza to win, but he did more than just score the TKO.

    Dunham was able to shoot once, which Barboza stuffed and spun away from.

    Then, when Dunham gave him the opening, Barboza hit him with a body kick that hurt him badly, and he followed up with punches for the TKO.

    It was a great showing from Barboza.

    Grade: A+

Evan Dunham

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    Dunham didn't have a good night on Wednesday. His one shot was stuffed, and then he was finished in just over three minutes by a body kick and punches.

    Not a good night. 

    Grade: F

Donald Cerrone

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    Cerrone fought a great fight on Wednesday night. He started slow—as he usually does—but toward the end of the first round he really started to turn it up.

    He carried that momentum into the second round when he was able to hurt Miller badly to the body. With Miller defending his body instead of his head, Cerrone threw a high kick and ended Miller's night in the second round.

    It was a big win for Cerrone, and he's now won four straight fights since a loss to Rafael dos Anjos in 2013. 

    Grade: A-

Jim Miller

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    Miller started off the fight well. He landed a few good shots and looked like he was going to make his bout with Cerrone a serious scrap. Then he got hit in the body.

    The first body shot that Cerrone landed hurt Miller badly, and each subsequent one just made it worse. Eventually he had to drop his hands, and Cerrone took advantage.

    This is Miller's first official loss since 2012, so he'll look to come back strong in his next fight. 

    Grade: C-