Fantasy Baseball: Jacoby Ellsbury is a Cheaper Version of Grady Sizemore

Andrew SpradlinContributor IMay 4, 2008

Grady Sizemore is among the best of the best fantasy outfielders.

Sizemore has 110-plus runs, 20-plus home runs, and 75-plus RBI as well as 25-plus stolen bases in each of the past three seasons.

While Sizemore is a sure bet in any fantasy lineup, Jacoby Ellsbury possesses all the same qualities.

In 60 Major League games, Ellsbury is a .328 hitter and averages 116 Runs in a 162-game season. Ellsbury is a safe bet to score as many or more runs than Sizemore leading off a potent Boston lineup.

Jacoby also averages a stolen base once every three games. Ellsbury's play reflects all the same numbers Sizemore has projected the last three seasons. Now is the time for Sizemore owners to attempt to move him for a chance to shore up that RP or UTIL spots by swapping Sizemore for his mirror AL East equivalent.

Sizemore can be dealt for Ellsbury and a RP such as Bobby Jenks, Troy Percival, Brandon Lyon, or Jose Valverde. Swapping Sizemore for Ellsbury +1 is a fantastic fantasy steal to shore up those other holes in your roster.

Sizemore has also been dealt straight up for Jason Bay, Ervin Santana and Eric Bedard/ Yunel Escobar in their respective Yahoo Fantasy Leagues.

Moving Sizemore in a 2-for-1 swap is a sure key to success for any fantasy owner’s ’08 results.  

Best of luck fantasy owners.