Hockey Rumor Buzz Volume 1: An Introduction

Hockey Rumor MillContributor IJuly 6, 2009

Good evening ladies and gentlemen on Bleacher Report. I'm give you an introduction to Hockey Rumor Buzz, the only source for the real inside scoop here on this fine web site.

This site has many features but it lacks one thing; a real outlet with beat reporters and franchise insiders.

We promise you one thing here and that is up to the minute reporting of the latest inside information the minute it hits our desk.

Of course we cannot promise that each one will come true. So we have devised a percentage system that each rumor will be ranked by (1-5). The greater the number, the greater the chance the rumor has of coming true.

It's not rocket science so it should catch on. Please stay tuned as rumors will be coming fast and furiously.

By Leopold and Loeb

Hockey Rumor Buzz Correspondents