Take The Money And Run

Glen LancasterContributor IJuly 6, 2009

It's clear to me that Hedo plays for one team and one team only, Team Turkoglu.  The Orlando Magic made a second offer to Hedo for 45 mil over 5 years.  The first was approximately 35 mil over 4 years.  Hedo had a reported 9 million a year on the table from Orlando, and he goes to Toronto for a reported 53 mil over 5 years or 10.6 mil per.  It's not like Florida has a state income tax, so the money would be close.  Close enough, when you compare being able to stay on a championship caliber team versus well..... Toronto.

He didn't snub the Blazers because of his wife, I use the wife excuse to get me out of situations too.  He got offered more money and Mr. Greedy put on his Saucony Omni 8's (running shoes) and took off toward the bank.  It should really be no suprise to anyone.  When Hedo opted out of his contract he said it was to secure his family's future, which means he wanted the most money possible, not the best oportunity to win.

I look at guys like Artest and Wallace going to teams that give them a title shot and I appluad them.  As much as those two are considered problematic I'd take either over Hedo any day.  They want to win, period.  That might not have always been the case but it is now and sports have always been a what have you done for me lately kind of place.  When the talent is close i'll take the player with more desire, more heart, more baggage, less greed, and a better chance at a title.