Yankee Stadium Suite for Derek Jeter's Home Finale Won't Be Cheap

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2014

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Anyone who wants to see Derek Jeter's final regular-season game at Yankee Stadium had better be willing to pay up.

Unless the New York Yankees make the playoffs, Jeter will play his final game at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 25 against the Baltimore Orioles. The shortstop has played his entire 20-year career with the Yankees, so it will be a very big night at the ballpark.

As of July 16, the cheapest ticket to the game on StubHub will cost you nearly $200. If you think that's a lot, that's nothing compared to some of the other tickets listed.

Here's what the most expensive ticket is going for:

via StubHub

Don't worry, the view is great.

via StubHub

Asking for $244,202 per ticket is a pretty steep cost. However, there is another set of tickets listed at nearly $100,000 apiece and a handful going for more than $20,000 per ticket. Whether or not those tickets will have any buyers is yet to be seen.

Every Yankees fan, and most baseball fans, would love to be at Jeter's home finale. For those who want to attend the game, be ready to spend some serious money.

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