Tennessee Volunteers Football: New Face, Low Rank, High Hype

Brad StineContributor IJuly 6, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 22:  Head coach Phillip Fulmer of the Tennessee Volunteers gives a thumbs up after winning the game against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Vanderbilt Stadium on November 22, 2008 in Nashville, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Boy o boy was I suprised to see my Tennessee Volunteers at such a low pre-season ranking (62) which is NOT a perminent, but that's where they're floatin around. Seeing teams such as UConn, Houston, and Tulsa far ahead of us in the standings is crazy to me.... just wierd, not saying it isn't deserved.

Well, I know for a fact we are gonna miss Phil Fullmer 1st year out, no doubt about it, he should have been treated better at the time of the release. 

Now we have a new face in Lane Kiffin, bringing all sorts of hype, by hype I mean pissin off the Florida Gators first day on the job and leaving a target on our backs waiting to get hit by one of the most talented teams in the nation. Mind you if we pull the upset I will rub it in every Gator's face!! JUST because winning a rivalry is always fun, ten times funner when you're not even predicted to make it a game.  I hope to be at the game, and it will be exciting, so I say thank you Lane for giving a season that looks like it is gonna be a long one a little bit of hype.

A little excitement in Knoxville when Lane brought along Monty Kiffin to the team as well. Lane has traveled around the mid-south to meet and greet with the Orange Nation and let us know he means biz and he means biz now (Gator reference.) Hopefully he sees something we don't and is startin war with the SEC with a trick up his sleeve, which I hope he doesn't believe to be Crompton because that don't seem to be the answer.

Just to say.... With the lowest ranking for the Vols I've seen in my lifetime, the whole SEC after our a$$, and a previous Raiders coach replacing Fullmer.... Sounds interesting, can't wait.