InReview - Week 13

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2009

In Review

Weekly Record: 3-4

Current Record: 43-39


  • Ryan and Prince in the All-Star game
  • You may not like it, but I am fine with Yo not being named an All-Star. Does he deserve it? Sure…but don’t forget: this is his first full (knock on wood) year. We need him fresh down the stretch. There will be many years to come for Gallardo to be an All-Star
  • Prince, Casey, and Braun with the bat


  • Yo didn’t deserve to lose against the Mets. It’s Ben Sheets syndrome coupled with poor pitcher syndrome. It was a perfect storm for Gallardo to lose. Pelfrey was doing awful, so of course he was going to do well and the Brewers have issues with supporting their ace.
  • Derrick Lee
  • Does Bill Hall have any use anymore?
  • Casey needs to improve a little on his 3rd base defense.
  • I still like the bullpen and I like McClung in the pen, but the Brewers need a starter or someone to step the f*ck up. You know it’s gotten sad when a pitcher gets a standing O when they make it into the 6th like they have been recently.

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 4.23 (16th in the ML)                                            YTD: 4.47 (24th in the ML)
Weekly BA: .304 (4th in the ML)                                              YTD: .255 (23rd in the ML)
Weekly Opponents BA: .275 (22nd in the ML)                      YTD: .256 (11th in the ML)
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .478 (6th in the ML)              YTD: .424 (9th in the ML)
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .981 (21st in the ML)              YTD: .985 (12th in the ML)

Players of the Month:

Casey McGehee: Casey went from no playing time to starter and had a monster June. He hit .368 with 5 HR’s. Prince and Braun also deserve recognition since they also had amazing Junes. Prince hit .363 and hit 8 HR’s while Braun hit .345 with 7 HR’s.

Mitch Stetter: Yovani had a great June as well, but I have to put Mitch as POM because he didn’t allow one run in 12 appearances, broke the record for most strikeouts in a row, and only allowed 3 hits all month.

Watch out for:

Ryan Braun While it’s hard to think he could be much better, Braun has been amazing in July hitting .350 in his short career and hitting more home runs in July than any other month. Prince and JJ also usually have good Julys.

Manny Parra has his best stats in July, but it doesn’t say much since he’s really only had one July.

Corey Hart and Jeff Suppan have their worst months statistically  in July, so let’s hope they turn that around.