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Hey, Ron Artest I Have Some Number You Might Like (Jersey Number)

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Hey, Ron Artest I Have Some Number You Might Like (Jersey Number)
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

As anyone who follows Artest knows he recently asked us fans to suggest some numbers for him. So like the show men (not nearly the man Ron Ron is) I am I will share with you my number ideas and justify them.

1: Might as well bring some respect to the number we all know Smush didn't (Sorry Smush, but I don't even think you have Internet) bring much pride to being # 1 in LA.

3: This could basically be a big middle finger to Trevor Ariza (Using his old number) and Ben Wallace (the number he wore when the battle went down)

8: Hmm this is a stretch but I think Kobe no he will never let you or anyone else ever wear that number. 

13: People say you are a wild card, well lucky 13 I think it suits you.

23: Almost every team has a 23 in honor of Jordan, but I say you get 23 in honor of some sick kid or maybe Christ Houston of the Falcons. Also it was the number you wore on the Pacers.

42: This is the number I hope you pick. With the number 24 you symbolize that you have Kobe's back. 

69: Why don't you reverse your last number? Also 69. hahah. 

SO there you go Artest my thoughts on your number. Want more I might just have some. 



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