Top 5 Greatest Clutch Players

brendan ohmyladyContributor IOctober 17, 2016

A little while ago, I had a conversation about the NBA's best clutch players. By that I mean who would you want with the ball with the last seconds of the game with clock winding down. Of course, his list was a little different than mine, but it made me think.


5. Tracy McGrady

He would have been higher, but his knees have him sidelined and he really isn't the same player he was a couple of years ago. Still, 13 points in 35 seconds is enough to put him into my all-time top five.


4. Derek Fisher

If there is a player more calm, cool and collected in the last few seconds of a game, I haven't seen him. And after the .4-second shot against the Spurs in 2004, he has carved his name into stone as clutch legend.


3. Manu Ginobili

He also would have been higher, and probably will be higher next season, but as of right now his play is not up to par. And yet he has still proved he can almost always score the game winner, and if he doesn't score he'll get to the line.


2. Dwyane Wade

If he doesn't make the winning shot, he'll get to the line, and in an exiting fashion.


1. Kobe Bryant

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't think he's the best player in the NBA, but he has the best jump shot in the league, and it shows in crunch time. It seems that no opponents lead is safe until the final buzzer sounds, no matter how great it is.