Ryan Michael Writes a Randy Orton Promo: Chapter Two (7/6/09)

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJuly 6, 2009

Monday Night Raw kicks off with the entrance of the night's guest-host, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. To everyone's surprise, he announces that his son will compete against the WWE Champion, Randy Orton tonight.

Randy Orton thought that DiBiase had come to help but clearly, he came to cause trouble.

As Ted DiBiase Sr. stands in the ring after making this major announcement, we hear Randy Orton's entrance music as the WWE Champion walks to the stage with a microphone.

He says the following...


"DiBiase, I thought you were smarter than this. I thought that you would have had enough sense not to walk onto my show and start acting as if you own the place.

There is a reason, a reason why Vince McMahon only felt you were qualified enough to lead the program for one night.

So allow me to make a suggestion sir, I suggest that you wise up real quick. That is, if you don't want your tenure here on Raw to be even shorter than Vince already planned for you."


DiBiase responds and speaks about how Randy Orton needs to learn a little something about respect. He says that if Randy hopes to achieve what he has during the course of his Hall of Fame career, he needs an attitude adjustment (no pun intended).


"So let me get this straight, you expect me to take career advice from you? It almost makes me wonder what it takes to become a so-called "WWE Legend" these days.

Open your eyes old man and take a look at what is over my shoulder. It's the WWE Championship. Something that you spent decades trying to capture, but failed miserably time after time.

I'm 29-years old and I'm already a five-time heavyweight champion. You had to create your own idiotic belt just to get people to recognize you."


DiBiase says that he didn't have to win a ton of championships and live off accolades to become the Million Dollar Man.


"The Million Dollar Man you say?

How exactly is that might I ask?

That's the problem with guys like you DiBiase. You come around once every blue-moon just to whine about how disrespectful I am.

I don't, I can't have respect for people who live off of the past and feel that gives them an excuse to run their mouth.

I earn respect for what I do in this ring, what is relevant to the here and now. And those who aren't smart enough to respect me deal with the consequences.

The Million Dollar Man, please (sarcasm).

John Cena makes 10-times more money in one week than you did in your entire career and he runs around in shorts and a t-shirt.

If anything, the fact that you still live off that idiotic gimmick and come around dressed like your somebody important just shows all of these people that you're a far cry from a poor-man's Donald Trump, only difference being you don't know how to wisely spend what little money you have left.

So you put your son in a match against me, for what?

Because you in your infinite wisdom feel that he should abandon the knowledge I can teach him and shoot past the dues every young talent has to pay just so he can live in the spot-light for one night to hopefully make back some of the money you've pissed-through over the years?

Ted is his own man, which is at least more than I can say for you.

Enjoy the chaos you created tonight DiBiase, at least we won't have to deal with this nonsense beyond tonight.

A good decision on Vince McMahon's part.

I guess I didn't punt all of the common-sense out of his head afterall."


And so would bring a close to the promo that Randy Orton could potentially give tonight on Raw. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I look forward to hear what Orton really does say tonight on Raw.

Stay tuned.



Please be aware that the above scripted promo is 100% fictitious. In no way do I endorse any of the comments or views presented in the promo. Randy Orton portrays a villainous character on television, therefore the promos he cuts are going to represent an attitude and beliefs of a bad-guy.

I do not intend for any of the content presented in the promo to be taken seriously as I view the content as being similar to what a villain would portray in film or on television.

In no way do the attitudes and beliefs expressed in the promo reflect how I would feel about any real-life situation.

Thank you for your understanding.