Joe Montana Tweets CG Pics Possibly Hinting at New Football Video Game

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 14, 2014


Joe Montana is neck-deep in commercial endorsements.

From joint lube to calf-sculpting moon boots, the San Francisco 49ers great has one of the more random portfolios of product endorsements in professional sports. Judging by a number of recent tweets, he could also be making a return to the football video game market.

Montana tweeted the same computer-generated picture of himself in a football uniform twice Friday. The pictures came with the cryptic hashtags "#youvewaitedlongenough" and "#joemontanafootball16."

So this is how Montana introduces his reentry into the sports video game market? It could be anything, but it certainly isn't an ad for shoes or joint gravy.

Montana tweeted the images out prior to participating in the Legends of Candlestick game Friday, but according to James Brady of Niners Nation, nothing about the image suggests it was a promotion for the event:

Conventional wisdom is that this was simply some kind of promotion with the Legends of Candlestick game, of course. But there are a few reasons I'm doubting that in particular.

The first is that the image is totally CG.... The second is why would Montana be wording it as such if he were just talking about his number? ... If he just meant that he's Joe Montana and he wears No. 16, the word "football" would be superfluous.

Indeed, stating your number and the word "football" is something only Rob Gronkowski would do without an ulterior motive. Montana, a shrewd businessman, has to be working an angle, and that angle could be a reboot of his Joe Montana Football game that ran on the Sega Genesis platform in the '90s.

Lacking NFL licensing, Montana was the only "real" player in the game, and it's almost certain this would be the same case should he attempt a new version of the game. EA has an exclusive deal (read: monopoly) on the right to use the names and likenesses of NFL players and franchises.

In other words, there are miles of branding roadblocks between Joe Montana and the reaping of profits in the football video game market. He and Dan Marino might have struck pay dirt in the alternative soft drink market, but making cash on an off-brand sports video game is asking for failure.


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