NHL Playoffs: Montreal Canadiens' Fall Was To Be Expected

Dominic PampalonAnalyst IMay 4, 2008

If any of you Montreal Canadiens fans expected your favorite team to go all the way, I think you were asking for a little bit too much.

Remember, the experts didn't even think Montreal would earn a playoff spot. Not only did the Habs win the division, but they also became the regular-season Eastern Conference champs. Everybody must recognize and appreciate what coach Carbonneau accomplished with this young team.

Jack Adams for Carbonneau should be the icing on the cake for him. Many people I spoke with feel that if anybody deserves it, Carbonneau does.

Class! We have witnessed of one of the greatest show of affection by Habs' fans toward their beloved "Sainte-Flanelle." No one left the arena before they could show their team, with a standing ovation, that they will support them for next year's centennial anniversary and the return of Lord Stanley's Cup to Montreal.

One thing is for sure, it is going to be a very busy summer for GM Bob Gainey. He will look to sign at least two big names in order to achieve his 2008-2009 goal: Bring home the big bowl.

Stay tunes for season and playoff analysis.