Ranking the Top 10 Sports Marriage Proposals

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 18, 2014

Ranking the Top 10 Sports Marriage Proposals

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    There's nothing quite like wedding season.

    But before all of the "I do's" and "till death do you parts" comes the one thing that every girl hopes for and every guy sweats: the marriage proposal.

    And although we've seen a lot of fans try them during sporting events during the years, some athletes will occasionally get in on the action, too.

    Since there's nothing like a little love, here are the best sports marriage proposals.

West Point Proposal

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    One of the most bitter rivalries in college sports, even though it's all for the good of the country, anytime Army-Navy squares off in any sport, it can have memorable moments.

    But the one thing most people will remember following Army's women's soccer team defeating the Navy women's team in 2013 wasn't anything that occurred during the 90-plus minutes.

    That's because Army's Joey Molacek ended up getting engaged on the field following the match, with her boyfriend walking to her with a rose and surprising Molacek with a ring.

    God Bless America for things like this.

Chris Burnette Proposes at Church

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    I don't know about you, but when I go to church, I usually just sit there, sing a few songs, say a couple of prayers and look at the girls during communion.

    But not former UGA football player Chris Burnette, who brought some serious heart and soul to his congregation a couple of years ago when he slipped on an engagement ring to his then-girlfriend.

    I admit that it can be tough to stay focused when in church, but if things like this were to happen more often, it might make going a little bit more fun.

Mario Balotelli Proposes Before World Cup Game

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    Italian and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli might be known as a bit of a hothead, but he showed to be a big softy a few weeks ago during the World Cup in Brazil.

    With his Belgian model girlfriend Fanny Neguesha with him, Super Mario didn't just ask her to be his wife while on a beach in Rio de Janeiro before one of Italy's matches—he also did it on her birthday.

    That was great timing, but Balotelli's header late in the Azzurri's match the next day vs. England for the win was just as good.

UCLA's Stan McKay

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    Following a game in which his teammate Myles Jack rushed for four touchdowns against the Washington Huskies—even though he was technically a linebacker—the UCLA Bruins' Stan McKay did something to keep the momentum going with the entire team.

    That's because with his entire squad around him, he dropped to a knee and handed off an engagement ring to his girlfriend, no doubt scoring even more points than his teammate Jack did during the game.

    Thankfully, there were no penalties for excessive celebration, because these dudes were going nuts.

Super Bowl Proposal

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    Playing in the Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of any football player's life, and if a guy is lucky enough to win it, it has to put them on cloud nine.

    But when New York Giants linebacker Greg Jones was part of a team that beat the New England Patriots—again—for a title, he wasn't caught up in the confetti or where he might be going on vacation.

    Instead, Jones popped the question to his girlfriend on the field, showing that he could give away one ring before collecting another—a nice, shiny Super Bowl ring, that is.

Soldier Proposes on Softball Field

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    I don't know much about Gordon State University, but I'll tell you one thing: It had one of the more creatively romantic wedding proposals ever seen at a sporting event.

    During the school's Military Appreciation Day, some soldier named Blake was fortunate enough to throw out the first pitch, going a little bit high on the underhand toss.

    While some might first think it was the nerves of throwing a first pitch, Blake had other things to be a little worried about—like proposing the the girl behind the plate, his girlfriend from the softball team, Emily.

    Seemingly accepting a gift on the mound, Blake pulls out a softball, drops to a knee and asks Emily to be his wife.

    Talk about perfect game.

Joey Chestnut Proposes

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    There aren't many people in the world who can do what Joey Chestnut does.

    Sure, it's a little bit disgusting to see him stuff his face with various foods—most notably hot dogs during the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest—but there's a special lady who loves him for him.

    And that lady is about to be Mrs. Joey Chestnut.

    Prior to this year's contest on Independence Day, Chestnut popped the marriage question before he popped hot dogs, as he won the event yet again.

Eric Ebron

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    With all of the emotions that a future NFL player has to have prior to the league's draft, it's surprising that one in particular added a little bit more to his mind.

    Touted—and ultimately ending up—as a first-round pick, former North Carolina and current Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron did something few guys would do on the biggest day of their professional life, asking his girlfriend to marry him on top of the Empire State Building just a few hours before he was selected 10th overall.

    That's one special day he won't forget.

Soccer Injury Proposal

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    Soccer players are known to act more injured than they really are, but this Fabi character might be the best actor of them all—for a good reason, of course.

    Dropping to the pitch with an apparent knee injury, he has trainers come out to check on him for a few minutes before he does the unthinkable.

    No, he doesn't get up and return to action like a lot of soccer players do after hitting the dirt, but instead, he rolls over and pops the biggest question of his life to his girlfriend.

    Looks like the ol' dude will have someone by his side for good should he actually get injured someday.

2007 Fiesta Bowl Proposal

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    When it comes to proposing to a significant other, former Boise State Broncos running back Ian Johnson knows how to put every other guy to shame.

    While we struggle with the decision and wonder when and where the best spot would be, Johnson simply did it in the biggest moment of his life, dropping to a knee and asking his girlfriend—who also happened to be a Boise State cheerleader—to be his wife following a thrilling Fiesta Bowl win against the Oklahoma Sooners.

    Was it sweet? No doubt.

    But, really, thanks for setting such high standards, dude.