BT Sport Ads Are Trolling Arsenal's 2013/14 Season Pretty Hard

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterJuly 12, 2014


BT Sport have put together a new advertising campaign to promote their Premier League coverage for 2014/15—but it's likely to upset Arsenal fans.

The first was a celebration of Liverpool's 5-1 win over them last season. 

The second centres on another brutal scoreline: Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal.

The message is simple enough—dramatic, shocking moments like that are all centred around keeping up with the action live. 

The first ad even features the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Jose Mourinho seeming a little bit surprised by Liverpool raining in the goals, to ram the message home. The second includes Gareth Bale getting a giggle out of the scoreline.

And if you saw Germany destroy Brazil in the World Cup semi-final, the message will be as fresh as ever.

But still, no Arsenal fan in the world wants to relive those particular matches, and it likely represents a significant part of BT Sports' potential viewership.

On which note, this tweet soon emerged: 

BT Sport...CANCELLED! They won't get another penny of my money after that advert. Just a pointless, irrelevant match.

— Kev Kav (@Kev_AFC) July 12, 2014

[H/T 101 Great Goals]