Alastair Cook Gets 1st Test Wicket in 105th Test, Piers Morgan Hates It

Alastair Cook had bowled just six balls in the first 104 matches of his England career, but he broke that duck with the wicket of Ishant Sharma as England vs. India headed to a draw at Trent Bridge.

Saving the frontline bowlers, Cook brought himself on to bowl to much hilarity as the game meandered along late on the final day.

After imitating Bob Willis at one point, his medium pace (if you're being generous enough to call it that) picked up a wicket as Sharma chased one down the leg side and got a tickle through to Matt Prior behind the stumps.

Shortly afterwards, the captains called time on the match.

It was an enjoyable moment in a dour Test—unless you were Piers Morgan, Cook's most-famed critic.

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