Daily dump: Wimbledon men save weekend

Matt TarrContributor IJuly 6, 2009

Thank you Roger Federer, and thank you Andy Roddick. Thanks for serving up a Wimbledon men’s final for the ages on a day when all sports fans really, really needed something to get excited about.

I think it’s safe to say a lot of us went to bed Saturday night with a bad taste in our mouths following the sad and bizarre tale that unfolded in the sports world earlier that day. Not that we’re any less stunned by the passing of Steve McNair now, but Federer’s epic, five-set victory over Roddick couldn’t help but put a smile back on our faces.

The record book now shows Federer to be the game’s all-time leader in Grand Slam event victories with 15, but in our minds, Sunday’s victory merely solidified his standing as the game’s greatest player. We don’t normally like to pimp anything ESPN does (particularly in light of their abysmal McNair coverage Saturday), but we highly recommend catching one of the replays of Sunday’s final today on ESPN Classic. As they say in the biz, check your local listings.

Ana Ivanovic from Maxim

Ana Ivanovic from Maxim

Speaking of the game’s greatest player, Tiger Woods captured his 68th career victory after holding off a late charge from Hunter Mahan to win the AT&T National golf tournament on Sunday. Amazing. You know, it’s easy to get jaded covering sports for a living. But then you have days like Sunday with the performances of Federer and Woods, and it makes you realize how fortunate you are to be a sports fan in this era. Check out this take from Top Cheddar, and then download a LeBron or Sid the Kid highlight video. We’re all damn lucky to be sports fans in 2009, even if we have to endure days like Saturday just to appreciate how important our favorite players have become to us.

On with the roundup …

- Speaking of Tiger Woods, amid the chaos of the McNair story Saturday, we missed this story in the New York Daily News on Tiger taking a dig at the new Yankee Stadium. You know you’re in trouble when billionaires think you’re too expensive.

- Nothing much to report Sunday in the way of substantial developments in the Steve McNair case, despite what ESPN would have you believe. Oh sure, they did broadcast a news conference that merely reiterated what a thousand other media outlets reported Saturday night (including us) while they were running World Series of Poker reruns. If you absolutely have to get the latest, we recommend heading over to SportsbyBrooks.com. He’s been all over this story from the get-go.

- It’s official. The guy shlepping them across home plate for the upcoming Home Run Derby will bring more heat than one of the All-Star Game pitchers. (Batter Up with Bruno)

- Forget about the 10-year plan, this is more like a 10-minute plan. Rasheed Wallace agrees to deal with Celtics; Grant Hill could be on his way; Jerry Sichting rested and ready, just waiting for the call.

- Continuing with the NBA/AARP theme, Jason Kidd is apparently set to re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks. I believe Doc Funk put it best Sunday night on Twitter: “If Jason Kidd is the solution to your (point guard) problem, you are understimating your (point guard) problem.” (Inside Hoops)

- Sadly, we failed miserably in our attempt to bring you our patented Florida Dipshit O’ The Day for today’s roundup. Fellow Sunshine State residents, you’ve disappointed us. The great state of Ohio didn’t let us down, however, giving us The Amazing Penis-Drawing Man. Enjoy, and thank you Cincinnati. (WCPO.com)

- And finally, we give you Ana Ivanovic … always a cure for the case of the Mondays. Head over to Maxim and check out The Girls of Wimbledon if you haven’t already.