WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of July 7

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 11, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

WWE's trip to Japan must have put the company in a weird mood. Many of its best tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos of the week were of the trippy variety.

Superimposed cat heads inspired discussion on social media, and a strange combination of entrance themes haunted. Even a backstage photo of Dean Ambrose strayed from normalcy.

Jim Ross also makes an appearance on this list thanks to a video sewing together his commentary and Germany's drubbing of Brazil at the World Cup.

We begin with something not the least bit bizarre: a look back at wrestlers from other promotions who briefly competed for WWE. After all, it's best not to dive into catheaded Superstars right away.

The last "Five Things" video highlights stars like The Rock 'n' Roll Express and AJ Styles, who only stayed with WWE for brief spells.

Styles getting a mention at all is noteworthy. WWE doesn't normally give a tip of the hat to wrestlers who became well-known for their work at TNA. Styles isn't with that company anymore, though, as he's now plying his trade for New Japan Pro Wrestling

It appears leaving TNA behind is all it takes to get someone off the "don't bring him up" list. It sure worked for Sting.

Sting sent fans into a state of what is probably false hope with a recent tweet. The date he lists without explanation here happens to be when the next Raw rolls around.

Does that mean fans are set to see Sting's WWE debut, or is The Icon just trolling?

Count WWE acknowledging Chyna's existence as one of the week's surprises as well. Her work in the adult film industry has likely been the reason she goes unmentioned today.

However, WWE showcased her by sharing Eric Minnesota's latest mashup video.

Chyna's entrance theme is blended with K-Kwik's. R-Truth's old name being used is a touch unexpected as well, but nothing like WWE showing clips of Chyna after blotting her from history for so long.

It appears that the WWE Network has changed the rules.

The past is more valuable. History isn't something to tuck into the closet but instead a way to draw potential subscribers.

Tokyo's Ribera Steakhouse has a long history with the pro wrestling world. Wrestlers like Stan Hansen and Terry Funk visited the restaurant and walked out with the gift of a Ribera jacket. 

It's an honor for someone to bestow that bit of clothing onto a wrestler, one that Big E looks to have earned.

WWE shared a pic of Big E at the Ribera Steakhouse donning one of its famous jackets.

Photo from Instagram

The current tour of Japan is leading to a lot of interesting views of the country. Hulk Hogan has been a part of the live events, serving as a host and familiar face to the Japanese.

He received a rousing welcome from the fans and looks to have been on a game show while he was there.

Japanese fans are famous for going all out for WWE shows, including dressing up as their favorite Superstars. This time around, that habit led to a fan nailing a Bo Dallas impersonation.

Before WWE trekked across the ocean, Ambrose had several battles to relish in North America. The day before he impressed in a loss to Randy Orton on Monday's Raw, WWE snapped a blurred shot of him for Instagram in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Photo from Instagram

The movement in the image does well to capture Ambrose's wild energy.

As nutty as the former member of The Shield can be, though, it's hard to compare that to what the folks at WWE.com have been up to. There's no logical reason to create a photo gallery of cat heads pasted onto wrestlers' bodies, but that didn't stop it from happening. 

Fandango, Natalya, Bo Dallas and Brock Lesnar all got the cat-face treatment.

Flipping through that set of images is an odd experience. It may even rival watching a compilation of classic promos with all the words taken out.

For anyone needing a palate cleanser after looking at cat-human hybrids, J.R. has you covered. 

Earlier this week, Germany and Brazil met in the World Cup semifinals. What many thought would be a meeting of two powerhouses ended up being the international football equivalent of a WWE beatdown.

The 7-1 victory for the Germans inspired a video where Ross' commentary captures the severity of the thrashing. 

Deadspin posted the full clip, complete with the fitting line, "Will somebody stop the damn match?" Fans may not get to hear the Hall of Famer call WWE action anymore, but a quick glimpse into the social media landscape often nets one a new video of his work meshed with just about anything.